Our products are what we are. This is why we care for every stage of their marketing, focusing on the quality of the packaging, which preserves its genuineness. We pack our products in four different ways:

  • Extrude Network and Vertbag Film
  • Network Rashel
  • Cartoons
  • Wooden boxes

Each of these packaging, besides ensuring high quality standards and a long storage, allows us to feature on the market through color and visual identity.

Following the packaging, we always check that the goods meet the requirements of the customer both in terms of organoleptic and labeling characteristics.





Raschel Net

Packs of 2 kg to 25 kg with a polyethylene band to indicate the food characteristics of the product.

Extruded net and Vertbag film

Pack of 2 kg containing (only washed potatoes)


Packs of 12kg or 20kg for containing potatoes in bulk or pre-bagged in the above mentioned mode


Solid and generous, ideal for packing and transporting large quantities of products.