Since 2003 we pack and market potatoes, and we do so with the same enthusiasm and dedication that has led us to reach so many goals. The quality of the products and the meticulousness of our production processes are surely the most useful tools to work, but without passion and without goals we would not be what we are.

We like to think that the strength of our company, committed not only in the packaging of potatoes, but also in the import and export of watermelons, melons and onions, is in value: the value of Franco Saliani's fruit and vegetable trade experience, the value of the young entrepreneurship of Nicole Saliani, the value of the structure, equipped with the most advanced machinery and research labs, the value of the products that we market and the value of every person who, ever or since, works with us together with us. Not to mention the value of the territory: our company is located a few kilometers from the port of Bari, which also makes it more suitable for commercialization.

We have a modern property structure, equipped with several refrigerating cells, a selection lab, packaging and labeling of products, warehousing and preparation areas, air conditioning and loading area. We control every process of processing the products, respecting the consumer, as well as the raw material itself, guaranteeing the highest quality on the shelves of the GDO and beyond.


Private label

We are leading specialists in the production of Private Label of Fruits.

Thanks to our flexible production, we can guarantee quality, taste and convenience: now find the Private Label service of Agri Saliani