Onion and wellness

To purify the skin inflamed by bacteria that cause acne, a very effective natural remedy is the onion. Acne is a problem that affects not only teenagers, but also many other people different by sex and age. In general, it is estimated that this type of problem affects almost 3% of the population, creating a situation of real discomfort, attributable, however, to hormonal, genetic, intestinal and psychosomatic factors.

Onion has antimicrobial properties and can help alleviate the problem.

You can cut it into strips to apply directly to your face, or even you can use your juice, making wraps at least once a week.

A highly recommended type of mask is that prepared with oatmeal and peeled onion, joined in a puree to apply on the face for fifteen minutes.

The smell may not be exactly nice, but the result is yes.

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