Losing weight with potatoes

With the arrival of the good season, nutrition changes and starts commonplace, such as to lose weight, it is necessary to eliminate the potatoes on which there is a totally unjustified prejudice. Potatoes, in fact, have more calories than other vegetables, as they contain starch and sugars, and have a quarter of the calories provided by other "parent" starches such as pasta, bread, rice and legumes.

Therefore, to lose weight and nourish in a balanced way, do not overlap similar foods. In the hot season, among other things, it is important to eat light foods that do not weigh digestion and soon reach the sense of satiety. Potatoes, in this sense, are valid allies.

Clearly, it is crucial to keep the glycemic index under control so that it does not go back to the appetite.

Here are some rules to make potatoes more suitable for low-calorie diet:

  • do not remove the skin (it is where fibers and potassium are concentrated);
  • do not boil them for a long time;
  • Cook slightly al dente;
  • prefer small potatoes, leaving the peel and adding an extra virgin olive oil.

In this way you do not give up on the diet but not the potassium you are rich in.



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