An ancient vegetable: onion

What world would it be without onion? Few know that this bulbous plant has very ancient origins.

Egyptians used the onion with garlic to nourish the slaves who built the pyramids or put it in the mummified bodies of the Pharaohs to keep the mummy longer and keep the bacteria away

Ancient Romans, who called it "allium cepa", used to cough the cough.

Onion was worshiped as if it were a divinity, for its round shape and for its concentric circles, which indicated eternal life.

Its properties have been handed down over time, and today the widespread virtues of this vegetable are spread, with great antibacterial power, able to protect us and stimulate immune defenses.

Recent studies in the Netherlands have shown that eating an onion per day dramatically reduced the risk of contracting a stomach cancer.

In fact this vegetable is particularly rich in Quercetin, a very effective flavonoid in preventing tumors of the digestive tract.

Therefore, cooked or raw, onion must be present in everyday nutrition.


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