A little bit of color on our tables with vitellotte potatoes

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are over 600 varieties of potatoes distinct according to the shape, color of the skin and the type of pulp. But did you know there are potatoes that have the same color as blueberries? She also called "Black Woman", "Chocolate Truffle", correctly called "Vitelotte", are very old potatoes, rather small and oblong. They have a floury pulp and a distinctive purple color. Their scent reminds the hazelnut, but the sweet and very pleasant taste comes close to the chestnut. They are very rich in antioxidants so they are a good anti-aging ally and are a great free radical killer.

The presence of anthocyanins, noble pigments present in plants, help improve sight and make potatoes purple a valuable food to prevent serious diseases such as colon cancer.

Cultivated predominantly in France, difficult to find, their use in the kitchen has been re-evaluated thanks to the ever-changing culinary proposals of the most famous chefs.

Plus they do not contain GLUTINE, so they are indicated for celiac disease.


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